Beyond the 10 Years: Allessandra

Allessandra Mitchell

Age: 22
Fiver since: 2000
Neighborhood: East New York, Brooklyn

I recently graduated from Seton Hill University where I majored in political science and minored in history and sociology. I am currently attending Hunter College working towards my master’s degree in school counseling.

I began the Fiver program as a shy, insecure and scared eight year-old. I was unwilling to step out of my comfort zone or take risks. That’s no longer the case. This past summer, I traveled to Nicaragua to serve one of the poorest communities in the country, set on a garbage dump. While there, I worked at a school, teaching English and building a school library. Without the attributes I learned at Fiver, especially risk-taking, responsibility and courage, I would have never been able to do what I did. My decision to continue my education through graduate school and my passion for service encompass the breadth of how Fiver programming has affected my ability to set a good example and live up to my full potential.