Beyond the 10 Years: Camilo

Camilo Duque

Age: 19
Fiver since: 2003
Neighborhood: Corona, Queens

I am a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) studying to be a chemical engineer. As a work study student, I earn a percentage of my education through an on campus job. This year, to compliment my materials energy and entropy balances class, I am working under my professor in a lab, enabling me to learn about lab procedures and gain hands on experience. I was also selected to be a teaching assistant in the cellular and molecular biology class. Upon
graduation, I would like to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

I was always told I had great academic potential and Fiver was able to give me the direction I needed for this potential to be fully realized. Fiver embraced me and put me on the path to success. Fiver developed my leadership and public speaking skills, while also instilling in me a strong character and commitment to ethical behavior. Fiver helped me reach my goal of attending RPI, a school I would’ve never even heard of if it wasn’t for the college trip we took while I was at camp. Because of Fiver I have the tools I need to build a solid foundation for a lifetime of success.