Beyond the 10 Years: Vincent

Vincent Young

Age: 20
Fiver since: 2000
Neighborhood: Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

I am a U.S. Marine, Lance Corporal, stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. I have completed one tour in Afghanistan and I am a rifle expert. I love being a Marine because it has exposed me to backgrounds and cultures I had never experienced. I’ve learned to work with all different types of people, which has increased my team building and leadership skills.

Fiver has given me a strong sense of moral courage. The program has taught me to not be a bystander but an active participant in life. I feel the need to consistently do the right thing – if I see something I don’t agree with, I correct it. The dog tags I earned at Fiver still inspire me; I make sure to look at them every time I am home on leave.