Fiver Authors

The Learning Center at Camp Fiver provides programs to young Fivers that improve literacy and comprehension and foster creativity. Here are some mysterious stories written by especially creative Fivers from second session. 

The House on Maple Street by Erick, Age 11

A man named Mark as a little kid wanted always to go to the moon. But he could not afford to build a rocket. Mark thought to make his own rocket house. He worked on it for years and years. After several years Mark died of excitement form finally finishing the rocket house. He had the button in place, all set for lift off. One day, a guy named Pete found a weird looking button. He clicked it. It was the perfect lift-off. It took Pete five hours to get to the moon. Then, Pete got stuck on the moon for a week. To Pete it was night because of the dark. Good night!

The Third Floor Bedroom by Rafael, Age 11

Chapter 1- Missing?

When the family had left, Margo who slept in the third floor bedroom had set her butterflies free, but forgot to close the window when she left. Soon a haunted soul arrived at the house and the house became haunted. It looked normal to others but to Margo and her family it had looked like a beast made out of house parts. Margo and her older brother Jerry had to go to the only opened window, the third-floor bedroom and stop the madness. Their parents had stayed at the senior center waiting to be picked up by their children. But this was important. The neighbor had disappeared a few days after they had moved out, never to be heard again. When Margo and Jerry entered the house, they couldn’t talk to each other so they had to write a note to each other every time. The third-floor seemed a bit longer of a longer distance in the house than it seemed outside. The only way to get up was to take the old weak spiral staircase which if you fell led you to a bottomless pit. There was red writing on the wall and glowing souls on the roof, and Margo’s lantern had run out of battery, so she used a soul instead. A week later, Margo was lying on the cement but her brother was not there…or was he?

Chapter 2- Lost and Found 

Margo had to pick up her parents before Jerry’s soul went after them, but she was too late. Jerry’s soul had already captured her parents. She had to drive back to the house, close the window, and stop the madness. But when she got there, the neighborhood was turning gray and the houses were on fire. Souls were going into that window, the only entrance they get through. She could see a shadowy figure in that window, but couldn’t tell what it was. It looked a lot like her brother Jerry, but he was gone she thought. After getting enough courage she went in. It was darker but there were more souls than the last time. She had decided to get all the stuff that was left after they had moved out. First, her diary, which secrets could not be opened from, even by the dead. Second, she would get her brother’s book bag. Third, she would get her mother’s comb. Finally, she would find her dad’s golf club. TO BE CONTINUED.

The Seven Chairs by Edwin, Age 10

There once where seven magic chairs that helped people. Two men helped woman whose legs were broken to find one of the chairs. They found it in France. The men helped the woman onto the chair and it started to fly! It helped the woman to fly and get from place to place. The rest of the chairs are still there for people who can find them. They help people from all over the world who have broken legs or broken arms. The flying chairs can bring people to different places.