Fiver Volunteer Spotlight: Anthony

Anthony Leo, an Investment Associate at the investment management firm Neuberger Berman, wanted to give back to the community in a way that would use his background in finance and economics; therefore, when Fiver board member and Neuberger Senior Vice President Paolo Frattaroli presented the idea for the firm’s Investment Camp program for Fiver’s high school students in the spring of 2016, Anthony was quick to respond. Through Investment Camp, Neuberger employees can volunteer their time to teach Fiver students about finance, the stock market, and investment strategies. “After I reached out to Paolo, I quickly realized that this is what I had been looking for to get more involved with the community.” says Anthony, “Hearing him speak so glowingly about Fiver got me enthused, not just to get involved with Investment Camp, but to get involved with the organization as a whole.”

Anthony found his volunteer work with Investment Camp to be incredibly gratifying. He enjoys working with the team of volunteers from Neuberger, and through their work, Fiver students were engaged in the program’s competitive stock-picking challenge. The highlight of the program for Anthony and the rest of the Investment Camp volunteers came after the spring 2016 session, when they learned that a Fiver alumnus whose participation in the program inspired her to go back to school, and pursue a college degree in business.

Still involved in Neuberger’s Investment Camp program, Anthony now also serves as the secretary of Fiver’s Young Professionals Committee (YPC) Executive Board. He describes the YPC as an enthusiastic team energized by their passion for advancing the Fiver mission. Since joining, he has participated in the group’s Giving Tuesday campaign, and is looking forward to upcoming YPC fundraising events such as the Fiver Happy Hour on April 27th at The Grayson and the $5 for Fiver campaign on May 5th. However, Anthony is most looking forward to becoming more involved in Fiver’s youth programs. As the head of the YPC’s Programs Committee, Anthony oversees the group’s efforts to collaborate with the Fiver Program Director and staff on upcoming events and activities for the Fiver kids. The committee is currently coordinating a panel in the fall of 2017 for high school students applying for college, in order to share their own experiences and advice on the transition to college life, and is planning to lead interview and resume workshops geared towards Fiver alumni. Anthony shares: “One thing that I really like about Fiver is that it’s not just about the 500 kids who are currently in the program. The alumni of the program have such a strong sense of belonging at Fiver, and I think this will be a good way for us to expand our efforts to include alumni-focused events.”

Anthony’s volunteer work with Neuberger Berman’s Investment Camp program and Fiver’s YPC has helped to expand the range of programs that Fiver provides to participants. He says, “Fiver’s a great organization to be able to contribute to, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the next year.”