Fiver Volunteer Spotlight: Sadie

Sadie Spragg is a Volunteer All-Star! Her consistent work with Fiver’s Operations and Accounting Department and her willingness to jump in and help out with the Fiver kids has made her a much-appreciated member of the Fiver team.Originally from London, Sadie has a background in childhood education. After earning a degree in sports science, she went through teacher training in order to become a third grade classroom teacher. When Sadie’s fiancé made the move to work in his company’s New York City office for a year, she decided to join him, and use her time in the states to focus on finding ways to give back to the community.

Once settled in NYC, Sadie looked for nonprofit organizations that work with kids, and could also give her weekly volunteer opportunities. When she connected with Fiver, she was open to working in any capacity in order to learn more about the fundamentals of a nonprofit. “I actually didn’t know if Fiver would want me to work with kids or in the office,” says Sadie, “but I knew there would be a valuable opportunity here.”

Now having volunteered with Fiver consistently for six months, Sadie has given back to the organization in many different aspects. From doing grant research and helping prepare for Fiver’s annual audit, to supervising Fiver kids on a trip to watch a screening of The NeverEnding Story, Sadie has done it all with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn new things. Particularly through her work with Ileana, the head of Fiver’s Operations and Accounting Department, Sadie has gained hands-on experience with new systems and software: “It’s stuff I’ve never done before, so I’m learning new things, which is fantastic. Ileana’s always willing and there to train me on anything that I want to be trained on, so I’m not just helping her. She wants to make sure that I’m learning as much as possible.”

While Sadie’s volunteer work with Fiver will conclude at the end of her year in the states, she looks forward to the different volunteer opportunities she will experience in the meantime, such as helping out with sports activities at Camp Fiver. When reflecting on her volunteer experience with Fiver so far, she shares: “I know everyone’s busy, but I never come in and am just sitting around. There’s always something for me to do; I feel like I have a purpose. At other places, volunteers might be given assignments here and there, but at Fiver I feel like I’m actually needed. I feel like I’m actually giving back.”