Staff Members

Christie Ko

Executive Director
Year Started at Fiver: 2004
Fun Fact: Christie loves country music, camping, exploring the world with her family, and is always (proudly) behind the times when it comes to technology.

 Ileana Vazquez

Operations & Accounting
 Year Started at Fiver: 2014
 Fun Fact: Ileana spent three years training in a circus program. Ask her how to juggle fire!

Elizabeth Ramirez

7th & 8th Grade Program Supervisor
Year Started at Fiver: 2014
Fun fact:  Liz's camp name is Lizard, and she is a dream catcher expert; she's taught over 100 Fivers how to make dream catchers! She is also crafting besties with Sheryl 'The Weaving Instructor,' and considers herself to be a thrift shop 'gawd'.

Rina Maria Hernandez

Family Engagement Specialist
Year Started at Fiver: 2016
Fun fact: Rina is fluent in English, Spanish and French. Soon, she hopes to add
Arabic to her list of languages. She enjoys reading, traveling, and taste-testing different kinds of coffee.

Rachel Sangalang

Development & Marketing Manager
Year Started at Fiver: 2014
Fun Fact: Rachel's main hobby is recreating healthier recipes of her favorite baked goods. 

Mary Lee Dinski

Deputy Executive Director; Camp Director
 Oversees Camp Fiver and all school year programs
 Year Started at Fiver: 2003
 Fun Fact: Mary, AKA Marydactyl, loves dinosaurs and doesn't like it when her fruit juices mix.

Elysia Hines

9th & 10th Grade Program Supervisor
Year Started at Fiver: 2016
Fun Fact: Elysia is an old movie connoisseur. Ask her about her favorites! 

Cristina Perdomo

5th & 6th Grade Supervisor
Year Started at Fiver: 2017
Fun Fact:  Cristina is a self-proclaimed karaoke sensation. Occasionally, she likes to pretend her life is a musical and break out into song. 

 Alli James

Director of Development
Year Started at Fiver: 2014
Fun Fact: Alli is currently working on her goal of travelling to all 7 continents - Antarctica included! She loves adventure, penguins, and never met an ice cream she didn't like.

Mark Petersen

Camp Fiver Facilities and Grounds Director