St. John's University Visit

Glo interviewed several students who attended the St. John's University campus tour and information session on Monday, October, 15, 2013. We were very glad to see that many high school students chose to spend their day off from school researching this university. 

What did you learn about the school?

St. John's University is located in Queens, NY in an enclosed-gated campus just 20 minutes away from Manhattan. It is a Catholic Vincentian university focused on the teachings of St. Vincent, "respect for the individual, service to the needy, human solidarity and adherence to the belief that giving of one's self helps make the world a better place".  It is a medium size school with a little over 5,000 undergraduate students. Class sizes are similar to the class sizes you have in high school with about 26 students in a class.  The Queens Campus, the main St. John's campus, is 1 of the 5 campuses.  The other campus locations are: Staten Island, Manhattan, Rome, and Italy. Because there are several St. John's campuses outside of the US, freshman are given the opportunity to study aboard their spring semester of their first year. It  is a Division 1 school, with sports teams in basketball, baseball, volleyball, track and field, lacrosse, and many more. Being a university, St. John's offers 4-1 programs in specific majors where you can graduate in 5 years with your masters degree in your field of study. The school offers more than 100 majors, so you have a variety of options to choose from.

What type of student would you recommend St. John's to?

Nicholas: Someone who likes small environments, small class sizes,  works best with teacher to student relationship, and is interested in sports.
Jahlil: Someone's who interested in a school that's very diverse, close to home, and interested in pharmaceutical studies.
Kemar: Someone that wouldn't want to leave the high school feel. One that would get involved in school activities, who wants to be at a school with a great student body that is active in everything, and a school that is  close to home.
Mabel: Someone who wants to get away from home, but still wants to be close to home (maybe family oriented).  The school feels like there's a time for everything, so the school would help you with time management.

A note from a senior applying to St. John's University:

As a HS senior applying to St. John's University, I am glad that I attended the campus tour because it showed me that this school has what I want. I wanted to go away from the city, but at the same time I wanted to be at home. The campus has a suburban vibe, but it's still located in NYC. In other words, I get the best of both worlds. Also, all my life I've known many people from the same ethnic backgrounds. St. John's University has a lot of diversity, students come from 48 states as well as 114 countries around the world. By meeting new people in this diverse school I can gain new perspectives, which I believe this university can help me accomplish that. This is why I am applying to St. John's University; it is the ideal school for me. - Karina (The HS of Fashion Industry '14)