Summer College Visits

Williams College 

When visiting Williams College, you experience the small and rural setting. It's recommended that you attend if you enjoy small classes of an average of 13 people per classroom and if you are interested in receiving a well-rounded liberal arts education. When getting accepted into the school, you’re able to choose what classes actually interest you and are required to take 4 classes per semester. William’s is also partnered with the Quest Bridge program, which allows you to obtain no payment of books, tuition, and travel expenses if accepted into the program. Some of us who visited the school would prefer medium size school instead of the small campus that Williams offers, but overall the experience of visiting the school allowed us to determine our preference of location and all the other factoring dimensions in selecting the best fit for us. -- Stephanie, Victoria, and David 

Massachusettes College of Liberal Arts (MCLA)
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) is a small Liberal Arts school in a friendly, rural environment. Although the campus was small it has a lot to offer students- even to those out of state. We learned that New York students are considered in-state residents, paying a little more than an in-state student would pay due to the large amount of students who attend the school and come from N.Y.S. As we walked around campus, we felt a sense of diversity- seeing people from all sorts of backgrounds, religions, and fields of studies. M.C.L.A. has amazing study abroad opportunities, and allows you to take classes in colleges near-by if they don’t have the major you’re currently interested in. The staff seemed extremely engaged and ready to find students who were well-rounded, and showed interest in the school. If you’re looking for more information on M.C.L.A. they’re more than willing to inform you, and visit your current high school. --Michael, Aislee, and Sabrina 

College of the Holy Cross
Our overall impression of Holy Cross was that it’s a comfortable, beautiful, and influential school for students trying to get a career in any field. With the school’s many hills and very green fields a student would definitely feel like they are in a special space. The wide variety of majors should be a huge attraction for students trying to choose schools. It’s a small school with students that have phenomenal amount of school spirit. It would be a great selection for students of any faith that are hard working and care about giving to the community. --Erick, Xiomarlin and Kaleb

Boston College

Upon arriving to the Boston College campus we were overwhelmed with the beautiful atmosphere and environment in which it was placed. The campus holds a very spirited student body of about nine thousand undergrad students. The division one school was said to be very proud of their sports teams and out of nine thousand students, seven thousand went to football games and only one thousand of the students knew what a touchdown was. Due to the large number of students, Boston College is a very culturally diverse school with a great number of culture-based groups. The BC community may be large but they look after all their students; each student has an adviser that helps them throughout their college years by giving them any advice they need. One frustration with the college that we found was that even after your freshmen year you are not allowed a car on campus. Although this was unpleasing to us, the college is located five miles from the city of Boston and about an hour or less away from most States surrounding Massachusetts using public transportation. Because it is a Jesuit school, the school enforces that you enroll in at least one religious study during your four years at BC. If you were to be looking for a very proud and excited student body with Jesuit influence then it might be worth your time visiting Boston College. --Karina, Brent, and Brian

Tufts University
This is a university that has four major campuses with three located in Boston, Massachusetts, and one in France. The school spirit as well as the prestigious vibe was visible both on the tour as well as in the information session. A few things that stood out to us, the nice campus, the incredible study abroad program, the canon that never saw battle, and the friendliness of the Headmaster. The tour guide seemed passionate about the school as a whole. Also, the mascot, “Jumbo the Elephant”, as well as the story behind the mascot, was interesting and a bit out of the ordinary. -Reina, Jamique and Christopher 

Babson College
Visiting Babson College was just an amazing experience for me because I don’t visit colleges as much as I would like to. Babson is all about the business world, so if you’re interested in business I suggest that you look into this school. Before I even walked onto the campus grounds I felt like this school was for me; I felt this way because for some reason it felt like home. The tour guides were just amazing, they were very welcoming, and they showed so much passion for the school. Everything that was told about this school was just inspirational. This college likes students who love to do extracurricular activities in their school because doing activities doesn’t just show that you like to be busy, but also shows that you like to try different things. It is important to join clubs in your school now because when you go to Babson you will be doing lots of group assignments, so make sure that you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind working with others. You will have your fun at Babson, but you will also be handed lots of work, but at the end it all pays off. -Timothy 

Going to Babson College was an awesome experience, even though Babson College is a business school. It seems like a outgoing and fun experience. After viewing the campus, attending the info session, and listening to the tour guides about their life experiences, it really made me want to change my major to business. I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in business. I learned that Babson will give you money to invest into a stock and teach you how to invest. They also give you money to create your own business and help you whenever you need help. If you are really interested in business Babson College is for you. -Tatiana 

Thank you Jocko and Rhonda for housing us for the 3-days we were in the Boston area. 

Thank you Phil and Bev for having us over for dinner on our very last day of the college tour.