Summer in the City Is Underway

Today marks the beginning of this year’s Summer in the City program (SITC), our annual effort to provide Fivers with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive world. This intensive three-week course exposes its participants to various careers and occupations through presentations, site visits, lectures, and hands-on activities. The skills Fivers develop along the way, while extremely relevant in the professional world, have countless applications in their personal and academic lives as well.

We provide SITC participants with a skillset fundamental to any position in any industry: the curriculum includes lessons on everything from presentation skills and public speaking, to written and oral communication, to interpersonal skills and professional etiquette. Then, through workshops and activities, we give Fivers the opportunity to apply these techniques and practice what they learned, so that they can enter the workforce with the confidence that comes with having experience. Furthermore, we instill participants with skills that have a tangible application, such as how to build a resume and incorporate financial planning into their lifestyle, so that they exit SITC with physical, practical evidence of the tools they have gained.

Through research, assessments, and workshops, SITC is also designed such that Fivers are constantly evaluating their own talents and interests, even if that is not the primary goal of a certain activity. This dynamic allows them to better align the requirements of certain industries and positions with what they bring to the table, thereby helping them narrow down their potential career pursuits. Combined with an arsenal of networking techniques and job searching methods, Fivers will not only have the benefit of this self-awareness, but the tools to take full advantage of it.

Over the next few weeks, Fivers participating in SITC will create a platform for their professional careers—one strong enough to support personal growth, career growth, the development of new skills, and the acquisition of knowledge as it pertains to the workplace. With this foundation, Fivers embark on their professional journeys with the confidence and know-how to succeed.