Character Cultivation 

Fiver has established an immersive culture with a common language, norms, artifacts, and practices that become embedded in the hearts of children, staff and everyone who becomes involved. They quickly discover that being a Fiver means striving to be the best version of one’s self. Introduced to all participants upon enrollment with Fiver, Whole Self provides a language to positively understand and articulate current struggles or successes, life-style choices, and future goals. It is the language that helps our kids become literate in who they are and how they wish to relate to the greater world around them. Eventually, they internalize and personalize what it means to be a Fiver:



Valuable Team Player


Risk Taker


Fiverly, adverb;

  • Behaving and acting as one would expect of a Fiver participant
  • "When Cassie helped a younger Fiver participant, Karla said “that’s so Fiverly!”

The Warren, noun

  • The main area in the Fiver office where participants engage in programs
  • "This week’s Career Workshop will be held in the Warren."
  • An area where rabbits live in burrows; a colony of rabbits.

Fiver Attributes, noun;

  • The traits that the Fiver program teaches participants in order to strengthen character.
  • The Attributes are: compassion, trustworthiness, self-confidence, responsibility, creativity, respect, courage, learning and being a peacemaker, a valuable team player, community-builder, and an environmentalist. 
  • "Fivers demonstrated the environmentalist attribute when they helped to clean up the local park."

Fiver, noun;

  • Shorthand for the organization’s full name, Fiver Children’s Foundation
  • I work at Fiver.
  • A single participant
  • "Jessie is a Fiver."

Fivers, noun;

  • Many participants
  • "Many Fivers visited the firehouse during a school break."

Dog Tag, noun;

  • A badge representative of one of the twelve Fiver Attributes. 
  • Awarded to Fivers at the conclusion of their camp session to commemorate the attribute they have best exemplified that summer.
  • "Because Shayla overcame her fear of swimming in the lake this summer, she was awarded the Courageous dog tag."