The Need

In addition to coming from economically disadvantaged circumstances, Fiver students face complex challenges and obstacles to future success resulting from living in marginalized communities. The majority of youth participants come from economically disadvantaged circumstances and 57% are being raised by a single parent. Many Fiver students are attending schools with insufficient guidance counseling services. Inadequate academic preparation combined with widespread misapprehensions and ignorance of academic options and requirements lead to missed opportunities for otherwise qualified students. In addition, the physical and social environment of underserved communities has been proven to promote stress and anxiety in young people, while at the same time depriving them of opportunities for positive developmental experiences. Fiver serves approximately 500 children and their families, annually.

Our Results

  • Since our inception in 2000, 99% of program graduates have graduated from high school; of those students, 80% have gone on to enroll in college or enter the military, many being the first in their families to achieve this milestone.
  • 95% of first year students report learning that it's okay to be different;
  • 97% of 6th grade students made significant gains in positive attributes linked to long-term thriving; 
  • 80% of middle/high school youth believe Fiver has been a positive turning point in their lives;
  • 97% of 8th grade students can recognize what makes a healthy relationship; and,
  • 92% of youth reported doing at least two things at camp that were “courageous” because they did something outside their comfort zone at camp.

In a post-program survey, Fiver’s Class of 2018 graduates reported the following:

  • 90% engaged in healthy behaviors; 
  • 90% apply Fiver's twelve character attributes in their own communities;
  • 95% are well informed and feel confident speaking up on issues they care about; and,
  • 100% understand their education and career options, and have taken steps towards achieving their goals. 

Program Retention

  • Fiver maintains an 85% student retention rate year over year, ensuring consistent development and growth for participants as they progress through our 10-year program.
  • Since 2000, more than 1,400 kids have attended at least 1 year of Fiver programs.

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